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Routing Number & Tax Information

Routing Number for E-filing

If you file your taxes electronically, you will need our routing number, which is 275979173. E-filing is the safest way to file your taxes, plus you generally receive your returns quicker than paper filing.

Keep Your December Statements

For tax purposes, you will likely need your December statements. Be sure to hold on to your paper statement, or check e-statements within internet banking and mobile banking to download a digital copy.

1098 & 1099 Tax Forms

All of our members with mortgages received a 1098 Interest Paid tax form for 2018. 1099 Dividends Earned tax forms were sent to members that received more than $10 in dividends during 2018. Both of these forms were sent out in January. If you have e-statements, you can download a digital copy of these forms by clicking on the E-Statements tab within internet banking and mobile banking.

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