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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to open an account at UnitedOne Credit Union?

You need to be a resident or working in Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Door or Kewaunee counties. Please bring a valid ID, proof of your mailing address, and your social security number. There is a minimum deposit of $5.00 required for a savings account and additional $25.00 for a checking account.

Can I open a checking account over the phone?

For identity theft and policy purposes, we do need you to come to an office to add a checking to an existing account. Please be prepared and bring proper ID. This is also true if you’d like to add a joint member to an existing account. Both persons must be present.

Can I open a checking account if I am not 18 years of age yet?

Yes, with a parent or legal guardian signing jointly on the account.

How much are my checks?

It depends on the style of checks you choose. Checks (excluding business styles) can be as low as $16.90, depending on the style of your checks.

Why is my checking account negative?

The primary reason for a negative checking balance is when a transaction is posted to your account and you do not have sufficient funds, or overdraft protection, available to cover it. If you’re interested in learning more about our overdraft protection program please feel free to speak with a Member Service Representative, or call us at (920) 684-0361 or (920) 451-8222.

How do I prevent having a negative checking balance?

Keep a good record of how much you have in your checking account. Add and subtract all deposits, withdrawals, dividends or fees charged to your account. Printed registers are provided with your check orders placed with UnitedOne for this purpose, and you may also ask for a free register at any office.

If I open a custodial account for my child, at what point does he or she have access rights to the funds in the account?

As long as the account is set up as custodial, the child will not be able to access the funds on their own until age 21. At that point, the account is turned over to the child and the custodian no longer has access.

Do you have any CD specials at this time? What is the length of time they are for, and what is the APY (annual percentage yield)?

You can see all available share certificate terms and APYs on our web site by clicking on RATES in the My Tool Box area.

How long does it take to receive a debit card after submitting an application?

It will take 7-10 business days to receive your new debit card.

How much can I withdraw using my debit card?

The amount is $650.00, and the daily limit of 6 withdrawals only applies to ATM withdrawals. For POS transactions (signature based), the limit is $2,500 per day. If you have the UnitedOne mobile app, you can adjust the POS transaction limit using the Card Controls menu option.

Where are the closest ATMs?

To find a listing of convenient ATMs, please visit our Hours/Locations page.

How do I change my PIN number for my debit card?

If you would like to change your PIN number, feel free to visit any of our UnitedOne offices or call 1-877-265-9594. You will need to show your picture ID and have your debit card to make your PIN change if you visit one of our offices. If you call, you will need to know your current PIN.   

If I am traveling out of the country, will my debit card work? Are there any extra fees or charges? Do I need to notify the credit union that I will be traveling?

Yes, your debit card will work when traveling out of the country. MasterCard will automatically do the conversion of the International fee for your transaction. Please use the Card Controls function in the UnitedOne mobile app to set up your card for travel, or notify the credit union with the dates and locations you will be traveling to so we can note your account to avoid any problems. Please give us advance notice of your travels so using your card goes smoothly.

As an added precaution we strongly encourage travelers to have a secondary payment source, such as a credit card or prepaid card, as a backup. There are times when a card may not work in a foreign country, for any number of reasons. If you should have any trouble with your debit card, please call us at 920-684-0361 or 920-451-8222 and select option 6.

Purchases and cash withdrawals made in foreign currencies will be debited from your account in U.S. dollars. The exchange rate between the transaction currency and the billing currency used for processing international transactions is a rate selected by MasterCard from a range of rates available for wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate MasterCard itself receives or the government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date. The exchange rate used on the processing date may differ from the rate that would have been used on the purchase date or cardholder statement processing date.
A fee of 1 percent of the amount of the transaction, calculated in U.S. dollars, will be imposed on all foreign transactions, including purchases, cash withdrawals and credits to your account. A foreign transaction is any transaction that you complete or a merchant completes on your card outside of the United States, with the exception of U.S. military bases, U.S. territories, U.S. embassies or U.S. consulates.

When traveling out of the country, what does it mean when I see ”chip” or “PIN-enabled” point of sale or ATM, or reference to an “EMV program?” Do any of these things affect my Debit Card or credit card?”

All these terms are related to a very sophisticated process used often in European countries to authenticate Visa and MasterCard transactions (E=Europay, M=MasterCard, V=Visa). Your debit card and credit card obtained through UnitedOne Credit Union should be unaffected when traveling internationally.  As always, we ask you to notify us when you’ll be traveling out of your routine geographic range so we can note your account and avoid any problems.
If you’d encounter any signature-based transaction difficulty with a European merchant, you may assure them you’re aware they can complete your transaction with a “PIN-preferred” terminal. You also have the option to contact MasterCard directly by calling (920) 684-0361 or (920) 451-8222 and selecting option 6.

What happens when you are closed and I realize there is fraud with my debit card?

If you notice any unauthorized or fraudulent activity with your debit card, you can use the Card Controls function in the UnitedOne mobile app and turn your card off. If you do not have the mobile app, please contact MasterCard immediately by calling (920) 684-0361 or (920) 451-8222 and selecting option 6.  

How long do I have to cash a check written out to me?

Unless otherwise stated on the check, it can be cashed up to six months after the issue date listed.

If I make a deposit, when does it become available?

If you make a deposit in the drive thru or lobby, funds will be available right away UNLESS you are told otherwise. If you make a night deposit, your funds will be available by 10:00 a.m. the following business day. If you make a deposit into an ATM, your funds will be available 72 hours later.

If there is a hold put on a check I deposited, when will those funds become available?

This will vary with each check. At the time of deposit, the teller will inform you how many business days the check will be on hold. On that final day funds will become available after midnight.

I would like to set up direct deposit, what information will I need to give my employer?

Your account number and our routing number- 275979173

Why have I not received my ACH direct deposit to my account?

Please ask your employer for further information, since we have not yet received it from them. We can sometimes see if a deposit is pending for a future deposit date from your employer. Your best option is to check with your payroll department to see when your deposit is expected.

If I get a direct deposit on the 3rd of every month and it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, when will it get deposited?

That is at the discretion of who ever is sending the deposit to us. It could be the Friday before or Monday after.

If my automatic transfer is due to happen over the weekend, when will it actually happen?

Your transfer will be done first thing on Monday morning. If Monday is a holiday, then it will happen on Tuesday morning.

What are the wiring instructions for the credit union?

UnitedOne Credit Union   
1117 South 10th St.
Manitowoc, WI 54220
ABA #275979173
Final Credit To:                
Member’s name & account #
Wire transfers can only be run on days when the Federal Reserve is open, which is Monday through Friday.  The Federal Reserve is closed on all national holidays.

How do I check my balance after hours?

We have convenient free Touch Tone Teller, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking services that can provide balances whenever you need them.

Am I able to sign up for internet banking online?

Yes, if you have an account that is in good standing.  To setup an Internet Banking account online, use the "Create IBanking Account" link in the My Tool Box or click here. If you have any trouble, please call us at 684-0361 or 451-8222 for assistance.

When I do an online transaction in Internet Banking, how long does it take to post to my account?

It is done immediately; the only exception is loan payments for mortgage loan accounts with 10 digits. When we run our end of day processes after your payment is received, the payment is applied and Internet Banking is updated the next business day.

Can I make my loan payments through Internet Banking?

Absolutely, anytime you’d like! If your loan is under the same account number as the savings or checking you’ll pay from, you’ll see your loan ID in your account list and can simply transfer your payment to your loan. If your loan is under a different account number, authorization can be set up with the credit union to make the transfer to that account number very easily (please ask for details), or you can use the “Other Account” tab on the left side of Internet Banking. All you need to use the “Other Account” tab is the other account number and the loan ID.

Can I make principal only payments online through Internet Banking?

Our Internet Banking service does not allow this, but we will be happy to assist you at one of our offices.

Can I pay off my loan online through Internet Banking?

You are not able to pay off your loan using Internet Banking, though we will be happy to assist you at one of our offices.

When I make a payment to my mortgage loan (which has a 10 digit account number), the payment is not applied right away and the balance is not updated at the same time. Why is that?

UnitedOne Credit Union has a separate mortgage servicing system that interfaces with our data processing system. When we run our end of day processes after the payment is received, the payment is applied and Internet Banking is updated the next business day.

Why do I see pending transactions in Internet Banking for $1 and other odd amounts?

These are standard debit card transaction holds that occur after using your card at merchants such as pay-at-the-pump gas stations and hotels, where your card number is provided before the final transaction total is known. Once the transaction actually clears your account, the hold then ends.

How do I know if my Internet Banking password is strong enough?

For tips on how you can create strong passwords for your online accounts, please check out our Online Safety page. 

What are the recommended Internet browser settings for Internet Banking?

1. As an industry standard, UnitedOne's internet banking supports the current version of most common Internet browsers and one version back.
2. Privacy settings must be at medium or lower, or add UnitedOne to your “trusted” sites.
3. Delete all temporary internet files prior to signing on.

Am I able to enroll in Mobile Banking?

If you already have Internet Banking and have an e-mail address on file with us, then you are able to enroll in Mobile Banking. Visit our Mobile Banking page for more details.

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a tool within Mobile Banking that allows you to take a picture of a check using your mobile device and deposit it into your account. This will save you a trip to one of our offices to deposit your checks. For more information about Mobile Deposit, please review our Mobile Deposit FAQs.

How long should I keep a check I deposited using Mobile Deposit?

Please keep any checks you deposit with Mobile Deposit for at least 30 days.

How long will it take for my Mobile Deposit to show in my account?

Funds deposited through Mobile Deposit will show up in your account right away, though may be subject to a hold. Please review our Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions for more details.

How do I use Touch Tone Teller?

For instructions on how to use Touch Tone Teller, please refer to our Touch Tone Teller Guide.

Why is Touch Tone Teller asking me to change my access code?

For the protection of our members, Touch Tone Teller will prompt you to change your access code every 12 months.

Do you offer any online assistance for researching prices of new or used vehicles?

Yes, a link to the NADA Guide is available on our Additional Tools page.

Do you have questions about collateral protection insurance that was added to your consumer or mortgage loan with UnitedOne Credit Union?

UnitedOne Credit Union partners with an insurance tracking company for this product. You can contact the provider directly at 1-800-523-6404.

Do you need to file a consumer loan claim through your collateral protection insurance with UnitedOne Credit Union?

The fastest way for you to file a claim is to contact our insurance provider directly at 1-800-477-4511.

Do you need to file a mortgage loan claim through your collateral protection insurance with UnitedOne Credit Union?

The fastest way for you to file a claim is to contact our insurance provider directly at 1-800-826-9384 ext. 10529.

Who do I speak to in regards to a letter I received in regards to my Auto or Home insurance?

You or your insurance agent may call 1-800-523-6404 which will put you in contact directly with our Insurance tracker.

What is UnitedOne’s NMLS number?

It is 439833. Each individual lender also has a unique NMLS number listed on their business cards.

What is the routing number/ABA Transit Number for my account?

The UnitedOne Credit Union routing number and ABA Transit Number is: 275979173

What is UnitedOne's tax ID number?

UnitedOne's tax ID number is 39-0126914.

Do you offer coin counting services?

Yes, please visit our Hours/Locations page to see which branches offer coin counting services.

Do you have Notaries available and is there a charge?

Yes, it is a service that we offer only to members, and there is no charge. Please bring a picture ID along when having something notarized.

Can I make my Elan Credit Card payment at the credit union?

Yes. If making a payment to Elan at the credit union with a check, please make it out to UnitedOne Credit Union.

Can I see your latest annual report and take a look at your financial position?

You are more than welcome to review our latest annual report to verify our financial strength. Click here to do so.

Why can't I get a live person on the phone when I call in?

Our automated phone system helps us serve our members more efficiently. It allows us to direct you to the correct department or individual you need to speak with much faster. If you choose to speak with one of our phone representatives, stay on the line or enter "0 or 1." 

Who is Leede Research?

Based right in Manitowoc, Leede Research is a national research firm that UnitedOne has worked with on several projects over the years. Over the past few years we’ve been partnering with them to gather opinions from members who have had various experiences with us.

Please click here for more information on Leede Research.

Who is MemberXP?

One of the ways we listen and learn from you is by working with MemberXP, a respected provider of shopping services to credit unions across the country. MemberXP works with members like you to become Service Shoppers and rate the experiences you have with us.

Please click here for more information on MemberXP.