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Does Bill Payer work any differently?

Scheduling payments through Bill Payer in Mobile Banking works the same as through Internet Banking, with many users saying it's even quicker! There are three slight differences with other functions.

  1. When you pick the date you want your bill paid, you will not see the same scheduled arrival date at the merchant that you see on Internet Banking. You need to know whether your bill is sent via ACH or check, which determines if the merchant receives your payment in 2 days for ACH, or 5 days for a check.
  2. If a payment needs to be cancelled, it may work differently depending on the type of device you have. To cancel a payment, go to the Bill Pay History section. For Apple users, there is a "Cancel" button within the app itself. Android phone users will use the Menu button to cancel payments.
  3. For security reasons, there is a $1,500 limit for paying a single bill.
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