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We're here because you want to learn how to $ave!
We're here because you want to learn how to $ave!
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Activites for Kids

How do you continue to teach students and kids about savings and financial responsibility? Every month we will have downloadable print-outs you can use for your kids or students to continue helping them learn.

APRIL - National Credit Union Youth Month!

  • Youth month helps young members by promoting lifelong healthy money habits and understanding saving, spending and helping others. UnitedOne is celebrating it by sharing fun activities for all ages that will be posted weekly on our UnitedOne FB and schools pages! 

  • Theme “Be A Credit Union Saver & Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct” Enjoy this video


A worksheet showing you how to fold a dollar bill into a heart. Fun and great for any students of any age, including adults! 

A worksheet with three bookmarks students can color. Each bookmark showing ideas for saving, spending, and sharing. Great activity for younger students. 


A fill in the blank worksheet. It challenges students to find words that begin with "cu." Fun and great for middle school students. 

A fill in the blank worksheet. Students fill in the missing words. A great worksheet for middle and high school students. 


A drawing and wordsearch combo worksheet. A simple and fun worksheet to help kids think about gifts and saving. Great for all ages. 

The perfect holiday wordsearch worksheet. A fun and simple worksheet to get into the holiday spirit with students. Great for all ages.


This print-out sheet includes various coins and total amounts. It’ll help student identify and count money. Great for elementary students.

This worksheet involves student solving a message. This will help student learn about credit unions and solving problems. Great for middle school students.

>> For additional resources for students of all ages, check out our SmartOne Financial Wellness Program Center


A credit union in school? Yes!

Despite the challenges due to COVID-19, we continue to work with our local educators and leaders to find ways to stay active with our schools. Building strong financial habits from an early age is what we strive to offer our local students. Working with young people to grow and develop skills they can use for a lifetime is one of the cornerstones of UnitedOne Credit Union’s mission.

We’re proud of our strong history with the Manitowoc Public School District, dating back to the opening of our first school branch at Monroe Elementary in 1996.

  • Our elementary staffs at Jackson, Jefferson, Madison* and Monroe are picked by the school. The student staff consists of a Teller team and a Marketing team. 
    •  * Introducing a new UnitedOne Credit Union school office started 2020-21 school year!
  • Our middle schools at Washington and Wilson are staffed by Tellers, who get paid $3 per lunch hour they work.
  • Our branch at Lincoln High School is staffed by our Youth Apprenticeship students.

Our program objectives are:

  • To work cooperatively with educators and parents in developing responsible young consumers.
  • To provide students the chance to begin developing good savings habits right in their school, where it’s convenient, and to understand the value of doing so.
  • To give students the opportunity to become involved in authentic learning experiences, by taking active roles in marketing their credit union, setting goals, putting plans into action, and watching their credit union grow.
  • To give UnitedOne Credit Union employees the opportunity to become involved with our community’s youth and share professional knowledge with students.

If you’re a teacher interested in having a financial literacy presentation done for your class, please contact:

     > Relationship Development Specialist Nellie Weiss at 920-694-3924 or nweiss@UnitedOne.org


Learn more about our Youth Apprentices

We work on teaching them life skills, like teamwork, interviewing, job applications, training, responsibility and confidentiality. Many Youth Apprenticeship students have turned the experience into a career, as some of our former Youth Apprentices have been with us for over 20 years. Learn more about our Youth Apprenticeship students.

UnitedOne Credit Union Youth Apprentice Cameron

Learn more about Cameron.

UnitedOne Credit Union Youth Apprentice Jay

Learn more about Jay.

UnitedOne Credit Union Youth Apprentice August

Learn more about August.

UnitedOne Credit Union Youth Apprentice Daniel

Learn more about Daniel.

UnitedOne Credit Union Youth Apprentice Tyler
Learn more about Tyler.


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