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Live a healthier financial life. Welcome to the SmartOne Financial Wellness Blog!
Live a healthier financial life. Welcome to the SmartOne Financial Wellness Blog!
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Borrowing From UnitedOne CU Helps Your Community
Authored By: UnitedOne Credit Union on 9/20/2019

We all take pride in our community, and want to be a part of a strong, thriving economy. Have you ever stopped to consider that when you choose UnitedOne Credit Union for your loan needs, you are giving back to our community?

As a financial cooperative, our members’ money stays right in our community, funding loans for your friends and neighbors. When you choose a non-local institution, who knows where your money ends up, and who is it really helping.


UnitedOne has been a part of our local community since 1938 – that’s more than 80 years of being in our community, helping members build financial strength. We are part of the community. We live here, work here, our kids attend school here and we volunteer here. In 2018 UnitedOne employees volunteered more than 2,000 hours back to our community – an investment in our future.


When you need a personal loan, Donna, Marla, Brittany, Jen, Bill, Kim, Josh, Monica, Jessica, Pierre, Crystal, Olivia, Fritzy and Jayme are ready to help. Linda, Julie, Tammy and Kari are waiting to help you with a home purchase, refinance or equity loan. All of these people love living and working here, and are committed to finding the best solution for you and your family.


That’s what makes shopping local so rewarding. Not only are you helping the local economy, you know the people behind the transaction, and that means better, more personalized service from people you know and trust. Decisions are made right here, not in the Fox Valley or even another state, our loan decisions are made locally by someone who lives here.


You may only be thinking about a loan, which is even more of a reason to stop, call or schedule an appointment right on line to sit down with one of our lenders and discuss the possibilities. After all, that’s why we’re here.Financial Education

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