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Business Entitlement

A must-have tool for business owners

UnitedOne business members can take advantage of a new feature within Digital Banking, where you gain the ability to add and manage entitlement users on your account.

This is particularly useful if you want to grant specific staff members, like office managers, access to your Digital Banking platform. You can set custom limits or viewing privileges for these additional users, allowing you to maintain control while delegating tasks efficiently.

Watch this video to learn how to use the entitlement feature in Digital Banking.

Here are some of the permissions you can set for the entitlement users:

  • Viewing shares/loans - You can grant access to view information related to shares and loans linked to your business account.
  • Deposits* -  You have the option to authorize entitlement users to view and manage deposits made to your account.
  • Withdrawals* - Similarly, you can enable entitlement users to view and handle withdrawals from your business account.
  • Transaction limits - You can define transaction limits for entitlement users, ensuring that they can only perform transactions within the authorized boundaries.

In addition to these account-related permissions, the Business Portal within Digital Banking also provides access to these essential tools:

  • Bill Pay - Entitlement users can utilize the Bill Pay feature to manage and pay bills on behalf of your business.
  • Desktop Deposit - This tool enables the convenience of depositing checks remotely at your office or home, streamlining the cash flow process.
  • E-Statements - Entitlement users can access and view electronic statements, reducing the need for paper-based records.

Contact UnitedOne today at (920) 684-0361 or (920) 451-8222 to request to have the Business Portal activated on your Digital Banking account to get started with entitlement users and simplify business management for yourself and your staff.

*If permission has been granted for deposits and/or withdrawals, this includes transferring between the accounts the entitlement user has been given access to within Digital Banking.


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