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Meet your Virtual Assistant! Learn how Ollie can help you 24/7.
Meet your Virtual Assistant! Learn how Ollie can help you 24/7.
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Ollie, He’s Here Whenever You Need Him To Be 

Meet Ollie, UnitedOne Credit Union’s virtual assistant. Ollie is powered by artificial intelligence and is always here to answer your call at any time of day. He can do things like check your account balance, make a money transfer, look up a deposit status, and help you with many other basic banking needs. 

UnitedOne strives to give our members the newest innovations and options for how they can communicate with us. Ollie’s knowledge and responses will grow with every interaction, so every time you ask Ollie a question, you help make him better.

Things Ollie Can Help You With

  • Account balance 
  • Transaction history 
  • Money transfer 
  • Deposit status 
  • Routing number 
  • Branch hours 
  • Register for Digital Banking 
  • Apply for a loan 
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • Loan Rates 
  • Savings Rates 
  • E-Statements


Why is UnitedOne using Ollie?
UnitedOne aims to assist you in the quickest and most efficient manner. Ollie is able to provide support for your general questions 24/7.

Is there a fee to use Ollie?
Ollie is a complimentary virtual assistant offered by UnitedOne to enhance our member experience.

How accurate is Ollie?
Ollie is able to detect and accurately respond to many different questions and is constantly learning to adapt to know what is being asked of him.

What languages does Ollie respond to?
Ollie is able to understand and respond to English at this time.

Can Ollie put me in touch with a UnitedOne employee if my question can’t be answered?
Yes, if Ollie cannot answer your question, you will be given the option to be transferred to a member of the UnitedOne staff. If you’re calling during non-business hours, you can leave a voicemail and a representative will call you back when business hours resume.

Will Ollie be able to answer and respond to more inquiries in the future?
Yes, Ollie will have additional capabilities in the future, but since he’s new we don’t want to overload him with such a heavy workload just yet.

Can Ollie answer my loan application questions?
Ollie will direct you to the department that your application is associated with for loan related questions.

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