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Personal Teller Machines with a LIVE Video Teller and 24/7 ATM functionality! 

Visit our UnitedOne YouTube channel to view our short and helpful PTM Pointer videos!

Tap the blue “Talk to Teller” prompt at the bottom of the screen to speak with a Teller using our new PTM display. Tapping elsewhere on the screen will not activate the video chat feature. Watch the video above to learn more.

Our Personal Teller Machines also have 24/7 ATM functionality you can use at any time with a debit card. Learn more about these self-serve features by watching the video above.

Questions About the Personal Teller Machines (PTMs)

1. What is a Personal Teller Machine (PTM)?

A PTM is a convenient, electronic way for us to assist you with your transactions while continuing to provide face-to-face personal service. It may resemble an ATM, though unlike an ATM, a Teller will help you through a video chat.

2. Why did UnitedOne decide to put PTMs in its drive-thrus?

To improve your member experience and provide you with additional drive-thru hours. Our PTMs allow us to give you the same personal service and care you receive now, though in a more efficient manner.

UnitedOne Credit Union's Personal Teller Machines

3. Which UnitedOne locations have PTMs?

In Manitowoc: Our S. 10th St., Walmart SuperCenter and Menasha Ave. locations have PTMs available. Our S. 10th St. and Menasha Ave. locations have PTMs with drive-thru capability. Our Walmart SuperCenter office has PTMs inside the branch.

In Sheboygan: Our Superior Ave., Washington Ave. and N. 8th St. locations have PTMs. Superior Ave. and Washington Ave. have PTMs inside the branch and at the drive-thru. The N. 8th St. branch has PTMs inside the branch. There is also a PTM in the Aurora Medical Center / Hospital located at 3400 Union Ave. - find us at the base of the stairs near the cafeteria.

4. What hours are PTMs available?

Monday through Friday PTMs will be available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Saturdays, the PTMs will be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. All PTMs also have ATM functionality available anytime with a debit card.

5. Are transactions made using the PTM safe and secure?

PTM transactions are absolutely safe and secure, and accuracy is even higher than traditional over-the-counter-service because of the security features built in to the PTM. Also, because your Teller is focused solely on you and your transaction, there are fewer distractions. This means our team members can provide you with more personalized and consistent member service. In addition, because the money is housed within the PTM instead of a cash drawer, the potential for robberies is greatly decreased, making you and our team members safer.

6. What if I’m not good with technology?

That’s ok, we’re here for you! A Teller will walk you through every step of your transaction.


7. Do I need a debit card to use a PTM?

No, you don't need a debit card to use a PTM. But if you have a debit card, you can use it to access the ATM functionality that all of our PTMs are capable of to get cash anytime.

8. How many checks or bills can I deposit at the PTM?

There is no limit on deposits at our PTMs. The PTMs accept 40 checks or bills at a time. After the first round of items has been accepted into the PTM, our Teller will ask you to deposit any additional checks or bills.

9. What if I prefer to do my transactions “in person?”

That’s great, because when you use a PTM, you’re interacting with real UnitedOne employees, in real-time. The only difference is they are on screen at our Member Contact Center. You can speak with them, and they can assist you with your transactions just like they were standing behind a counter. If you’d like to speak more in-depth about your financial needs, or get information about insurance or investments, apply for a home, auto, or personal loan, or open a new account, we’d welcome the opportunity to give you that one-on-one attention in one of our lobbies. Just stop in.

In Manitowoc:  Our team members are happy to give you that “one-on-one attention” in the lobby of our 1117 S. 10th St. or Walmart locations during regular business hours.   

In Sheboygan:  Our team members are happy to give you that “one-on-one attention” in the lobby of our 2122 Superior Ave., 3509 Washington Ave. or 733 N. 8th St. location during regular business hours


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you!


Updated 7/27/2023

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