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Kasasa Accounts - FAQs
You are allowed one Kasasa account per Social Security Number. If you are primary...    [Read More]
No, Kasasa Tunes rewards are reimbursements for purchases made.
No, only consumer accounts can have Kasasa products.
No, you can only access your primary share and your checking account with your...    [Read More]
No, you can only have one Kasasa Saver. The Kasasa Saver account has to be linked...    [Read More]
No, you’re still required to have a primary share.
$7.99 for Primary members, $6.00 for the joint member (both Kasasa and non-Kasasa...    [Read More]
No, both the primary and joint members debit card transactions count towards...    [Read More]
You need to have 12 debit card transactions post and settle to your account...    [Read More]
If you don’t qualify, the account is still free, and you can try again...    [Read More]
A Kasasa checking account might not be the best fit for you if you don’t...    [Read More]
The qualification cycle is the timeframe in which you must complete your 12...    [Read More]
Kasasa Protect is an identity theft protection service.
Kasasa is a company that partners with financial institutions to offer awesome...    [Read More]
The monthly qualification cycle is defined as one day prior to the first banking...    [Read More]
Rewards are posted on the last day of the month.
If you have a Kasasa Cash® checking or Kasasa Cash Back® checking paired...    [Read More]
Both Kasasa account holders and non-Kasasa account holders can enroll in Kasasa...    [Read More]

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