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Selected For A Leede Research Survey?

We are continually conducting member surveys for your vital opinions, comments and suggestions. If you are contacted by Leede Research, know that UnitedOne has retained this local Manitowoc research firm to conduct member surveys on our behalf. We thank you for the information you provide Leede's and helping make your credit union an even better place to bank.

Based right here in Manitowoc, Leede Research Group is a national research firm that UnitedOne has worked with on several projects over the years. If you get a call from Leede, the representative will clearly identify him/herself and state the call is being made on behalf of UnitedOne. We’d appreciate you taking just 2-3 minutes to answer a couple questions that will help us learn more about your experiences with us. Leede is only provided the information necessary to complete the call, and in absolutely no way will use that information for any other purpose. They do not have your account numbers.

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