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Live a healthier financial life. Welcome to the SmartOne Financial Wellness Blog!
Live a healthier financial life. Welcome to the SmartOne Financial Wellness Blog!
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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month9/9/2022

family life insurance awareness monthWelcome to Life Insurance Awareness Month! UnitedOne Credit Union, a trusted financial institution servicing Northeastern Wisconsin, wants to educate its members about the importance of having life insurance.


Life insurance is an interesting topic for many. Having a life insurance policy is actually to the benefit of others in the event of your untimely death; a difficult subject for all involved to discuss, but necessary to bring you and your next of kin peace of mind.


It is important to understand what you are signing up for before doing so. Having a professional insurance agent like those provided by TruStage through UnitedOne Credit Union helps tremendously when exploring the following different life insurance policies available to you.


Term Life Insurance
A Term Life insurance policy is one that covers an individual for a specified duration before expiring or, if the policy allows, autorenews. This type of coverage generally ranges from one to thirty years, with the ability to renew your policy and maintain the same coverage until you reach the age of 80.

Term Life insurance is a budget-friendly option, and when purchasing through TruStage provided by
UnitedOne Credit Union, monthly billing allows you to better plan your finances while keeping your family protected. The ability to stay covered and extend your plan certainly makes this appealing for many young families.

The best part about Term Life insurance is that not only can you switch your coverage to a Whole Life policy as you age, but you are eligible to receive a Term Life policy without any medical exam requirements. So once you pay your initial premium, coverage begins immediately!


Whole Life Insurance
With the ability to have Term Life insurance cover you and your family well into your senior years, several customers are curious about how they may instead benefit from Whole Life insurance. What are some of the key differences between merely extending a Term Life policy and signing up for Whole Life coverage?

Most notably, you receive a locked-in rate for a policy that you essentially ‘set and forget.’ For the duration of your life, your family is covered in the event of your death at any age. This is preferential in many cases, as we change throughout life, but the policy price stays the same regardless of how we change.

In addition to a Whole Life policy, TruStage through
UnitedOne Credit Union also offers a Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life policy; life insurance coverage designed to protect those with even the most dynamic health concerns. This package is to ensure that everyone’s diverse needs are met, and that no one gets left behind.


TruStage at UnitedOne
With an ‘A’ rating and virtually no hassle involved when signing up for a policy, UnitedOne Credit Union is proud to provide its members access to TruStage Insurance Agency to protect those who matter the most in your life.

For more information about the policies available to you, visit
UnitedOne Credit Union’s website today and get started!


UnitedOne Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial institution that views customers as family. With a legacy dating back nearly eighty years, UnitedOne Credit Union works tirelessly to serve the financial needs of Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Kewaunee, and Door counties.


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