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Since 1938, Building Financial Strength for Your Everyday Life ... Together.
Since 1938, Building Financial Strength for Your Everyday Life ... Together.
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UnitedOne Workforce Philosophy Plan

UnitedOne Credit Union strives to create a vibrant and inclusive work environment that values and empowers our employees. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset.  As such, we are committed to a work environment that fosters collaboration, communication, and trust through transparency. Our Workforce Plan outlines our vision, philosophy, and key principles that guide our approach to workforce management. It serves as a roadmap to attract and retain top talent who share our values and aspirations.


Our workforce vision is to cultivate a culture where every team member feels inspired, supported, and engaged, enabling all to achieve their fullest potential. We believe in embracing collaboration, fostering employee well-being through work-life harmony, and promoting a member-focused approach to drive UnitedOne's success. We work to maintain an environment that encourages employees to reach their fullest potential and contribute to our success. By nurturing a dynamic workforce, we will continue to be a leader in our industry and a workplace of choice in our service areas for current and future employees.


Our philosophy is centered around several key principles that guide our approach to workforce management:

  • Member-Focused Approach:  At UnitedOne we are deeply rooted in our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our members. We foster a member-focused mindset throughout our workforce, encouraging employees to understand and empathize with our members’ needs and to meet those needs accurately and efficiently. By focusing on our members’ needs, we help ensure UnitedOne will continue to be relevant, responsive, and successful.

  • Flexible Scheduling:  As a member-centric organization, we need to be available to serve our members where and when they need it. An important part of this is leveraging technology so our employees can be true problem solvers when member needs arise. We do recognize the importance of flexibility in scheduling to achieve work-life harmony. Therefore, we believe in offering flexible options including leaving early, coming in late and attending school functions during the day. We encourage employees to collaborate with each other to manage work commitments. Employees must obtain approval from leaders for any significant changes to their regular work schedule to allow them to ensure member service is provided.

  • Remote Work:  We embrace the opportunities presented by remote work and recognize its potential to enhance productivity, foster creativity, and promote work-life harmony. Remote work may be available to employees based on job roles, nature of the work, ability of the employee and the suitability of remote work arrangements. We provide the necessary tools, technologies, and resources to enable remote work when feasible. By embracing remote work, we create opportunities for our employees to thrive in their preferred work environments while maintaining open lines of communication and collaboration.

  • Family First:  We recognize the significance of our employees’ families and understand the impact it has on the lives of our employees. We prioritize the well-being of our employees by offering family-friendly policies and benefits. By placing family first, we create an empathic and caring work culture that supports our employees throughout their various life stages.

  • Work-life Harmony:  We believe maintaining work-life harmony is essential for the well-being and long-term success of our employees. We promote work-life harmony by fostering an environment that values time management, open communication, and reasonable workload expectations. In return, we believe this will enable our employees to bring their best selves to work and achieve fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

  • Efficiency and Productivity:  We understand the importance of efficiency and productivity, both for the benefit of our employees and the overall success of UnitedOne. We strive to create streamlined process, eliminate micromanagement, and provide the resources needed for employees to excel in their role. By promoting an efficient work culture, we empower our employees to focus on impactful work, achieve their goals, and contribute to UnitedOne's growth.

  • Performance and Accountability:  We expect our employees to maintain high standards of performance on a regular basis. Performance reviews are based on agreed-upon goals, objectives, and outcomes. Employees are held accountable to accomplishing work responsibilities and achieving goals that are within their control. Leaders provide guidance and support to assist the employees with their success.


By incorporating these principles into our workforce vision and philosophy, we aim to attract and retain top talent who resonate with our values and aspirations. We are dedicated to fostering a culture that empowers our employees, promotes work-life harmony, and nurtures personal and professional growth. With this Workforce Plan, we strive to create an environment where every team member feels valued, respected, inspired, and supported, contributing to the long-term success of UnitedOne Credit Union.

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